Triumph TR7 Convertible


  • Recently recomissioned
  • Two keys
  • Tonneau Cover
  • 83000 Miles
  • From a private collection
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A Triumphant TR7

The Triumph TR7 used to be considered something of a poor relation: frowned upon by traditionalist enthusiasts of the older TR models
Nowadays things have very much changed the TR7 will turn heads. In that respect the passage of time has been kind to the Triumph TR7, even if the BL-era build quality struggled to shrug off the effects of successive British winters. Harris Mann’s edgy wedge was perhaps a reminder of the decade we were trying to forget as we forged ahead into the 80s and 90s.

In the opinion of many, it’s also the best-driving of all the TRs, the four-cylinder engine giving it handling balance the nose-heavy six-cylinder cars can’t match and its modern monocoque construction doing away with the separate chassis. Despite its maker by then being part of British Leyland, the TR7 has the distinction of being the last car to be developed independently by Triumph. It’s also acceptably brisk and even the regular four-cylinder car offers pace to match a mid-90s GTI.

The eagerly-awaited convertible was introduced in early 1979 and this model features the signature tartan seat and door trim

This vehicle will be supplied with 12 months MOT, full service and just has had minor bodywork attention. In good condition throughout including iconic interior tartan trim with no tears or rips, plastic trim also good with no splits. A small hole in roof near one of the poppers, clear plastic is reasonable with good visilbity. Original ICE (radiomobile) Supplied with roof tonneau and two keys

Recently recomissioned by ourselves with electrical work, tuning and remedial paintwork, other than that little history to speak of, so this car has no history but is MOT history shows it has done 4000 miles since 2011.


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