Marcos Mantara 3.9 V8 convertible


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A very rare English sportscar – Certainly a head turner

In 1992, the Marcos Mantara was introduced as a factory-made model – a further extension of the original GT styling but on steroids. Powered by Rover V8 3.9 EFI engine. The Mantara ended up campaigning in GT racing, with the ultimate version the LM600

The Mantara incorporated a McPherson strut damper, coil spring and anti-roll bar based on a Ford system and makes for a more pleasurable driving experience, plus the Mantara was the first Marcos with power-assisted steering.

This 1994 model has had a small number of owners, the last reluctantly making way for another vehicle. The car has been well looked after see following service history which is all Marcos specialists and will include a new service. A new hood has been recently fitted and the radiator has been upgraded. The car has an Alpine stereo and as the original bill of sale shows was fitted with options of leather, power steering. 13? steering wheel, alarm immobiliser, headlamp covers, and icebox for future A/C

Service history

47 miles
1177 miles
6537 miles
11,480 miles
18,208 miles
24,054 miles
29,734 miles
35,936 miles
41,495 miles
48,371 miles
54,152 miles
59,038 miles
68,247 miles
72,444 miles
80,245 miles
84,158 miles
89,530 miles
95,366 miles
98,506 miles

The car is not Concours as the price reflects but is a clean and tidy example, finish in a largely unmarked Bugatti blue bodyshell, with a light tan interior which shows patina, the wood is in good condition and the car drives well. Currently, MOT’d until February 2022, and supplied with previous MOTs which indicates that some welding has been done in the past

Just be independently inspected and oils service with a good bill of health. All sound underside following some small work and undersealing. Note moving pedals do work