Electric Car

Electric Car

Converting Classic Cars to Electric

A recent BBC article featured a growing industry in converting classic cars into electric vehicles. Seemingly small firms are buying up old Nissan and Tesla parts and bolting them into Ferraris, Porsches and BMWs. Why? The reasoning is to make them cleaner, easier to maintain and even quicker. This classic car dealer acknowledges the direction – but what is lost? Cleaner? Yes, but Classic and historic cars only make up approximately 0.7% of all registered vehicles, so their contribution to air pollution is barely measurable. Easier to maintain? Probably true, but many of our customers like tinkering with their engines and its part of the magic and headache at times, but it comes with the territory. Some people like that you cannot plus into an ECU but you have listen to engine note and tweak. Yes, there is one definite concern and that is there are fewer and fewer mechanics (or technician as you supposed call them these days), that have the experience and it seems that the youth of today are not interested generally. This will become a challenge if it is not already. Even quicker? Most classic cars are not acquired on the basis of speed even a […]
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