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car categories

What is a Classic Car?

Classic cars are much more than just an old car, but defining what a classic car is can be difficult.  Often, many people have their own ideas of which cars are classics and which are not. Types of Old Car There are multiple categories to classify old cars: veteran, vintage, post-vintage, and classic. Veteran cars were built before WW1, Vintage cars were built before 1940, and post-vintage cars were built between 1930 and WW2. So where do ‘classic cars’ fit into it? A direct definition of a ‘classic car’ is a “post-WWII, pre-1980 model of technical or nostalgic merit”. However, sometimes the term classic car can refer to a range of interesting cars that are no longer built. Ultimately, it’s a difficult term to pinpoint, with many considerations. The Age of a Classic Car In the UK, there is a Road Tax Exemption on Classic Cars. This exemption originally applied to cars that are more than 25 years old, however, now it applies to all cars built before 1973. However, this leaves out some vital cars that many would consider ‘classic’, and includes other cars that we wouldn’t. For example, the Ferrari Testarossa was launched in 1984 and considered a […]
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