Mercedes CL 500 Coupe


  • 2000 MY
  • 5.0 ltr  V8
  • Excellent history
  • Huge tech spec


The CL is Mercedes-Benz’s top of the range coupe model offers less practicality than the S-Class and  the abilities of the SL. Look at it another way however and it is more practical than the SL and sexier than the S-Class. Visually discreet (as much as a five metre long Mercedes can be) it combines wonderfully cosseting accommodation and a gargantuan boot with huge powe from the 5 litre V8.

At the time the only pillarless coupe on the market as new the car advanced the art and science of automotive technology significantly, and the performance, weight-reduction, and huge array pf convenience features.

The ABC suspension system has recently addressed  by Mercedes and is all working. ABC provides automatic load leveling and can raise the car (via a dash-mounted switch) for traversing rough roads. It also lowers the car to improve aerodynamics at speed. A sport mode permits less (virtually zero) body roll, pitch, and dive and increases steering effort somewhat. Because the shock absorbers are relatively soft and completely separate from the ABC system, activating the sport mode does not compromise straight-line steady-speed ride quality at all.

Significnat history file  with previous MOTs and bills and small fortune has been spent on the car

  • 7845 miles – A service
  • 18171 miles – B service
  • 29829 miles – A sevice
  • 40846 miles – B service
  • 47846 miles – A service
  • 54586 miles – B service
  • 60875 miles – A service
  • 67212 miles – B service
  • 68761 miles – A service
  • 68814 miles – Bservoce
  • 68971 miles – B service

Other work of note:

  • 69602 miles – Spring strut
  • 68748 miles  Hydualic suspension pump
  • 67490 – Central locking system – handles, pump
  • 59740 – Cooling fan assembly



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