Great Minds Think Alike with Electric Classics

Following our previous blog on converting classic cars it was interesting to learn of a recent comment by David Whale, Chairman of the FBHVC (Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs) He says “Whilst we must fully accept that owners are free to do what they wish with their historic vehicles; we must make clear our definition of those converted vehicles in terms of their historic status. We, like FIVA (the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) feel that the combustion engine and related engineering, is a key part of the heritage of a vehicle and is crucial to how it looks, sounds, smells and feels in order to represent the era in which it was constructed as a historical piece.” Furthermore, the FHBC comments that new cars built with electric power in the image of a classic car in their minds were considered entirely modern cars. Whilst we at Classic Prestige understand the drive of the electric revolution (and indeed our sister company Prestige sell these type of vehicles) but retrospectively applying this to classic cars just doesn’t seem quite right. Of course there’s is still uncertainty about what happens in years to come concerning emissions and fuel. Great minds …lets […]
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Converting Classic Cars to Electric

A recent BBC article featured a growing industry in converting classic cars into electric vehicles. Seemingly small firms are buying up old Nissan and Tesla parts and bolting them into Ferraris, Porsches and BMWs. Why? The reasoning is to make them cleaner, easier to maintain and even quicker. This classic car dealer acknowledges the direction – but what is lost? Cleaner? Yes, but Classic and historic cars only make up approximately 0.7% of all registered vehicles, so their contribution to air pollution is barely measurable. Easier to maintain? Probably true, but many of our customers like tinkering with their engines and its part of the magic and headache at times, but it comes with the territory. Some people like that you cannot plus into an ECU but you have listen to engine note and tweak. Yes, there is one definite concern and that is there are fewer and fewer mechanics (or technician as you supposed call them these days), that have the experience and it seems that the youth of today are not interested generally. This will become a challenge if it is not already. Even quicker? Most classic cars are not acquired on the basis of speed even a […]
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Record breaking M635CSi

Here a Prestige Classics we read with interest Mike Thorne’s (of Classic and Sports Car magazine fame)  test drive of the BMW M635CSi that recently was purchased for a jaw dropping £100k.  Especially as we have one but not at that kind of money but if you are , 18th Earl of Pembroke with great  taste and great resources ..why not? This comment however ticked our box  “Yes, but I didn’t buy it as a museum piece,” replies its new owner. “I’ll be using it just as the factory intended”. We agree these cars are for enjoying as well as polishing Furthermore we also conclude It’s an addictive machine that blends traditional thrills with modern-day ability; spend any length of time in it and it’s guaranteed to leave you wanting one of your own. If this shark floats you boat why not get in touch.
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RE our classic cars

So what does what does the planned ban sales of all new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 have on our beloved classic cars Of course there are differing opinions some say calamity, other are less pessimistic and some see opportunity. As my two pennies worth is I cannot see petrol forecourts closing overnight and nor can I foresee millions of petrol and diesel cars vanishing from our roads on 31st December 2039. Who can predict with certainty; but I would suggest that we will not see the demise of petrol for decades and that the new technologies are likely to be developed that will address emissions and pollutants retrospectively …they already exist for diesels. Typically, diesel retrofit involves the addition of an emission control device to remove emissions from the engine exhaust. Retrofits can be very effective at reducing emissions, eliminating up to 90 percent of pollutants in some cases. But there are other alternatives look at these RE’s Re-power Repowering involves replacing an existing engine with a new engine. This strategy is most effective for use in diesel-powered equipment with a useful life longer than that of the engine. Repowering provides an opportunity to install a new engine […]
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What is a Classic Car?

Classic cars are much more than just an old car, but defining what a classic car is can be difficult.  Often, many people have their own ideas of which cars are classics and which are not. Types of Old Car There are multiple categories to classify old cars: veteran, vintage, post-vintage, and classic. Veteran cars were built before WW1, Vintage cars were built before 1940, and post-vintage cars were built between 1930 and WW2. So where do ‘classic cars’ fit into it? A direct definition of a ‘classic car’ is a “post-WWII, pre-1980 model of technical or nostalgic merit”. However, sometimes the term classic car can refer to a range of interesting cars that are no longer built. Ultimately, it’s a difficult term to pinpoint, with many considerations. The Age of a Classic Car In the UK, there is a Road Tax Exemption on Classic Cars. This exemption originally applied to cars that are more than 25 years old, however, now it applies to all cars built before 1973. However, this leaves out some vital cars that many would consider ‘classic’, and includes other cars that we wouldn’t. For example, the Ferrari Testarossa was launched in 1984 and considered a […]
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3 considerations when buying a classic car

Buying a classic car is buying into a way of life. These cars are interesting with quirks that have come with their age. This is the beauty of them, however, there are some careful considerations you should make when buying a classic car. Driving a classic car and maintaining a classic car are part of the pleasure of it. This visceral and engaging experience of owning a classic car is irrestistble, but should also be acquired properly. Why you want a classic car Classic cars often have a sentimental hold on the buyer. Discovering a car you’ve always wanted since your childhood and being able to own it is no easy feat. However, like any car, a classic car has a purpose. A classic car must also fit for this purpose. Will you want to take the car out on long excursions, how many people would need to fit etc. In this respect, buying a classic car is just like buying any other car. Is this car going to be for all-round use? This would result in frequent maintenance.  The maintenance of a classic car With age, all cars will deteriorate naturally. When in your possession, you want to reduce […]
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