About Prestige Classics

About Prestige Classics

Classic cars from Prestige

Our aim is to supply the best reasonably price classic cars to individuals who share our passion, we intend these cars to be readily usable every day although they are probably suited to weekends, holiday and high days  – they will not be concours and we don’t pretend they are but then our prices reflect this.

Our acquisition policy is to look for great condition cars that have relatively low mileage, good history, few owners and that are recoverable to a reasonable condition for the enjoyment of our customers. That said we do have some projects we are working on where our work is somewhat more challenging than the norm.

We are quite selective about the cars we source mostly we are unashamed to say because we like them

All of our cars are ready to be driven and will be MOT’d and serviced as required.


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nick@pvsc.co.uk / roger@classicprestige.co.uk

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